On the northtip of Lesvos, near Belvedere Hotel, is Molyvos, a traditional village constructed amphitheatrically on the slopes of a hill with excellent view to the Aegean Sea and a Medieval Castle on top. Archeological finds show that this village has been inhabited since the Bronze Age, and was a very important city in antiquity.

All the houses are constructed of stone or wood, and densely situated amid a network of kalderimia (cobbled streets). Many mansions in Molyvos date from the late 18th century. The overall picture of the village, with its courtyards and balconies, is uniquely beautiful. In Molyvos, you will also find one of Greece’s most picturesque little harbors with magical views of the sunset.

Taverns with traditional cuisine and gourmet restaurants, bars, cafés, clubs, florists, dry cleaners, pastry shops, jewellery shops, souvenir and pottery shops, liquor shops selling superior wines from all over the world, organized parking facilities outside the historic center – all contribute to the town’s top ranking as a tourist destination.

A few kilometers away lies Petra, another beautiful traditional village with a long sandy beach where you can do water sports and scuba diving. Its biggest attraction is the imposing rock of 40 meters high, located in the center of the village. There are 114 carved steps that will lead you to the top, where the church of Virgin Mary is. From here you can enjoy excellent views over the Aegean Sea.

Also near Molyvos, but to the other side of Belvedere Hotel, is Eftalou. Its coastline is scalloped with beautiful coves with a view of Turkey, Here you will find the famous healing spa. The water is suitable for treating rheumatism, arthritis, gynecological diseases and arteriosclerosis or just to relax and get rid of the stress of daily life.

A little further lies Sykaminia, a preserved traditional settlement with mansions and narrow streets. Visit Skala Sykaminia, the small fishing village famous for the beautiful small church on the rock.